Room-Temperature Stable Encapsulant & Wire Bond Adhesive

Dual-cure 9014 is formulated to cure primarily with UV light and includes a secondary moisture curing function for applications where shadow areas exist on printed circuit boards.

  • Room-temperature stable means no need for cold shipping & storage
  • Excellent flexibility and increased durability and resistance on PCBs
  • Good moisture & corrosion protection of critical components found in electronic applications such as EV BMS
  • Blue fluorescing for inline quality inspection
  • Chip-on-board, chip-on-flex, chip-on-glass, & wire bonding assembly

A white paper features the results of a study performed on liquid glop-top encapsulants that are placed over PCB components and wire bonds as a protective layer. The performance of this new encapsulant against other LCMs and types of encapsulants in reliability tests is outlined in detail.

Need a bit more information? Watch our encapsulants video!

Encapsulants Video

Learn More About 9014 Encapsulant for PCB Protection!

Download a copy of the Dymax white paper:
"High-Performance Light and Moisture Dual-Curable Encapsulant".

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