Light-Cure Technology for Electric Vehicle BatteriesLight-Cure Technology for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Extend EV Battery Life & Improve System Performance

Dymax light-curable materials (LCMs) are 100% solvent free, low VOC, and cure in seconds upon exposure to light energy. They improve overall BMS responsiveness and structural reliability in electric vehicles, allowing manufacturers to increase productivity and throughput, decrease rework and costs, and improve their bottom line. LCMs include:

  • Conformal coatings and encapsulants to protect printed circuit boards and other critical components in BMS and charging stations from thermal shock and humidity, and corrosive elements like salt and sulfur.
  • Potting compounds to fixture battery cells to the base, that have excellent bond strength to both plastics and metals, and superior resistance to chemicals and thermal shock.
  • Gasketing materials to create barriers to prevent penetration of air, dust, noise, liquids, gaseous substances, or dirt. They are also effective for sound and vibration dampening, moisture and chemical protection, and air sealing, and conform to complex and intricate channels, on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.


If you're involved with automotive applications, you might enjoy reading the Dymax article Advancing EV Electronics with Light-Curing Technology as published in E-Mobility magazine.


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