Light/Moisture Dual-Cure EncapsulantLight/Moisture Dual-Cure Encapsulant

Room-Temperature Stable Encapsulant
& Wire Bond Adhesive

Dual-cure 9014 encapsulant is formulated to cure primarily with UV light and includes a secondary moisture curing function for applications where shadow areas exist on printed circuit boards. This new formulation is also room-temperature stable, eliminating the need for cold shipping and storage. For manufacturers involved with chip-on-board, chip-on-flex, chip-on-glass, and wire bonding assembly, this material features excellent flexibility and increased durability and resistance on boards. 9014 also provides good moisture and corrosion protection of critical components found in electronic applications such as electric vehicle battery management systems.

A white paper features the results of a study performed on liquid glop-top encapsulants that are placed over PCB components and wire bonds as a protective layer. The performance of this new encapsulant against other LCMs and types of encapsulants in reliability tests is outlined in detail.


Learn more about 9014 dual-cure encapsulant for printed circuit board protection!

Download the white paper "High-Performance Light and Moisture Dual-Curable Encapsulant White Paper
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