Dual-Cure 9483 Conformal CoatingDual-Cure 9483 Conformal Coating

Dual-Cure 9483 Conformal Coating

Ideal for applications where high temperature flexibility and thermal shock resistance are needed, 9483 is a solvent-free conformal coating that cures tack-free upon exposure to UV/Visible light and then with ambient moisture over time. Salt fog resistance and flowers-of-sulfur corrosion protection make it a good choice for coating sensors and control modules in automotive applications such as power door and mirror controls, windshield wiper and power steering modules, and avionics PCB assemblies for flight management, communication and navigation systems.

Chemical resistance provides good protection for consumer or hand-held devices and a low viscosity, rapid light cure with secondary moisture cure for shadow areas provides additional benefits for small appliance, white goods, and industrial equipment assembly. Additional product benefits include:

  • Fast 2-3-day moisture-cure rate
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance (-55°C to 125°C)
  • Can be applied 0.002-0.008" (51-203 μm) for many automotive & aerospace PCB designs
  • 85/85 performance
  • Nominal viscosity of 750 cP for easy dispense onto components
  • Military Specification MIL-I-46058, UL94 and UL746-E recognized, IPC-CC-830B approved

For simple post-cure Q.C., the material fluoresces bright blue under low-intensity UV black light (365 nm) for visual inspection of the coating coverage. Recommended substrates include lead frame, PCB, flex, and ceramic.

Take a look at the 9483 product data sheet for detailed information.


Want to know more about dual-cure 9483 conformal coating?

See the results of our chemical resistance study on a select group of Dymax conformal coatings, including 9483.
Multi-Cure&Reg; 9037-F Encapsulant

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