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Light-Curable Solutions for Aerospace & Defense

Manufacturers of aircraft, satellite, and spacecraft components are searching for ways to extend service life and improve the design and performance of critical components used throughout sectors of the aerospace and defense industry. They are also looking for safe, ecologically friendly products that benefit the environment, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs.

Products for printed circuit boards, sensors, and camera module assembly as well as surface protection for engine components include encapsulants, conformal coatings, adhesives, maskants, gasketing resins, and potting materials.

  • Cure in seconds upon exposure to LED and/or broad-spectrum light
  • Eco-friendly, one-part formulations require no mixing
  • Halogen-free and no solvents added for enhanced user safety
  • Secondary moisture-cure or heat-cure products available
  • Conform to RoHS and REACH regulatory standards

Dymax light-cure technology addresses the growing industry challenges and demands by offering products that increase throughput, decrease rework and costs, boost performance, and enhance manufacturing processes while minimizing ecological impact.

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