MD® 1040-M Autoclave Resistant Adhesive for Medical Devices

Bonding, Potting, Encapsulating

Designed to be autoclave resistant for more than 100 cycles, 1040-M is ideal for potting/encapsulation of RFID chips and sensors and for bonding multiple-use devices and assemblies that are subjected to numerous instances of sterilization. Additional features include:

  • UV/Visible light curable; LED curable at 365 nm
  • Resistant to autoclave (steam) or VHP gas plasma sterilization
  • Meets ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity requirements
  • Low water absorption (0.5%) where moisture ingression is of concern
  • Adheres many substrates including stainless steel, aluminum, glass, PP/PE, and PCB
  • RoHS compliant, solvent free for a “greener” choice

Want more information about the physical properties of 1040-M? Download the product data sheet.

Need a bit more information? Watch our 1040-M video!

1040-M Video

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